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26 August 2011 @ 08:21 pm
Example Post.  

Posts a few pictures of Kristen Bell they believe to be rare.

Rare pictures include manips, event, on location, and fan pictures. Basically unseen by the masses eyes.

If you wish to exchange for other rare pictures, please tag your picture with a livejournal, myspace or some other identifying tag. Remember to place them in a spot where they can't be cropped(face or neck), so the public can't jsut freely take it.

examples(just imagine their rare lol)


If you don't tag your pics that means their free to all members and the public. Those people that are that nice deserve to be worshiped.


Now if you do post and you want rare pictures but you have something specific you have in mind, like a certain event or picture you found in art in someone's journal. Try and descibr it the best you can. You may also post a link to said art. You may even request a manip or header to be made in exchange. 

Please do not post somone else's art, unless you have permission from them.If you steal someone else's work this is grounds for immediate I kick your ass. 

Don't worry about tags I'll handle them :)

***see replies for added directions. 
Questions or confused reply below.
elletrical on August 27th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)

Ok so you like one of the KB rares shown above but you have to exchange for it.

Here is where you either startup photoshop or go digging through photobucket.

If a Submitter (person who you want pics from) has guidelines you can try and negotiate but don't carelessly ignore their request.

You must post rares you want to exchange. Please don't go about posting like twenty. If they have two rares please don't post more than 6 for them to choose two from. If you don't have any rares they want that's their choice. Please respect it.

Please also tag your images.

once the submitter above posts a reply to you then you must email, or message them your image first. Then they will reply to you with their image.

If a submitter does not reply to within 48 hours please contact a Mod and they will handle it from there.

elletrical on August 27th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
Either approves a exchange of pictures, choosing the ones they want to exchange from the above reply. or they can say not interested, they'd rather have something else. Please include an email or your livejournal messages for the image to be sent too.

elletrical on August 27th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
Requester may post another reply with other pictures if their first set gets denied, but don't harass the person into giving you their pictures.

If their images are approved for exchange, this is when the requester sends the images, to the submitter's choosen location
a girl with the best intentionssellthelie on December 13th, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to affiliate with bell_daily? :)